Smaluna is a telemedicine service which delivers pills for consumers afflicted from menstruation and contraception by facilitating communication with doctors. In addition, we operate a medical consultation room where midwives and pharmacists receive consultations from Smaluna consumers. Our service started in June 2018, and Smaluna has become one of the largest and widespread telemedicine platforms in Japan with a cumulative total of 720,000 downloads (as of February 2022). Smaluna is used by mainly women, specifically in their teenage years through 30s.

Under the mission of "creating a world where your hearts and bodies are healthy, and you can choose a life that is unique to you," Smaluna will be close to each and every one of you by providing correct information to those who have had psychological and physical difficulties and those who could not access medical care and pills so that you can feel close to medical care.

Based on the concepts of "a life where you can move forward while interacting well with changes in your heart and body" × "you can own your life as who you are and create a world that makes your own life commonplace", Smaluna provides options that allow you to make your own decisions and to live your own life, and we aim to realize a society in which it is natural to control your own life.